Vipassana CA

Your Guide to Vipassana

Meditation has many forms and is taught in many ways. Vipassana is a great opportunity for those who wish to practice introspection, self knowledge, and control over their own mind and body. This form of meditation is about controlling yourself and your own reactions rather then allowing outside influences or feelings to control the individual. Often taught at retreats around the world, it is an immersive experience that allows you to learn and concentrate without outside influences and interruptions. 

What is Vipassana?

Vipassana is taught in 10 day retreats. These retreats are available throughout the world and run at many times of the year. This increases the opportunity for people to find a time and location to fit everyone’s needs and brings access to people worldwide. There are multiple sessions of meditation each day of the retreat, and the focus is progressively turned inward. There are sessions that focus solely on breath, not controlling the breath but paying attention to it as it is. There are also sessions focused on the body, focusing attention on different parts of the body and how they feel without attempting to change that feeling, moving through the whole body. This requires stillness and participants are encouraged not to move or talk during sessions. This is to help people learn to sit with their discomfort without the urge to change things, to accept what is without moving directly to fixing or correcting it. The goal is to learn how to deal with life situations and things that are uncomfortable without having worry or stressful reactions to them. 

What Does a Retreat Look Like?

While at the retreat people may find themselves going through many stages, some discomfort, some worry, some physical pains, as well as calm, acceptance, and growth. This immersive retreat may not be suitable for someone who has no experience with meditation but can bring great growth to those who are ready. They are structured and days are well planned with time for rest, but early mornings and a balanced diet. Food and lodging is usually included so the whole body is cared for as well as the mind. These retreats allow focus to be solely on the individual without the daily tasks and responsibilities for the length of the retreat, but encourages new habits to form that can be taken home and worked into daily life. By continuing the practices and even the diet at home, progress will continue to be made. 

What Are The Benefits of Vipassana?

If you are looking for an immersive retreat that offers quiet, balanced diet, structured and scheduled time, as well as some downtime to form new friendships and meet like minded people, then Vipassana is a great option. You will have food that fuels your body without weighing you down, a schedule that keeps your day balanced and has you waking early to get the most from the day, and meditation to help you understand and control your mind and body better than ever before. You will learn to maintain calm when circumstances and changes occur. You will learn to not allow pain or fear to control your responses and maintain focus on your tasks and goals.